Owning a business is not easy. There are many things that you need to take into consideration and that includes safety and security of the whole building and area. Of course, when talking about security, the very first thing that comes into mind is the door. Your camera will never be of utilization if your door is not efficient in keeping robbers and thieves away. If you need a storefront door repair, you need to do it immediately or replace it anew.  

If you are planning on installing a new security door or replacing an old one, here are the different types in which you can choose from.  

1.Powered Security Doors – these doors do not need to be manually pushed to open and close. They are powered by a source and they have a mechanism that controls them that has to approve of the opening and closing. They power in two different ways. First, they can be controlled by someone manually, or second, the closing and opening are automatically done when the right key is provided. These doors are used mainly for offices and universities where the door prevents unless the receptionist approves the entry or the person entering presents the right key. They are very convenient because they are electronic and sophisticated. 

  1. Automatically Locking Security Doors – these doors, as what their name suggests, automatically lock after they close and open. This means that whether the recent person has provided the key for entrance, upon entering, the door will automatically lock again. This mechanism allows the place to have consistent security and this is why this kind of door is what is used in business buildings or anywhere that needs to be consistently private and locked. These doors can lock on both sides and are ideal for places that have high traffic. 

3.Fire Doors – these doors are efficient in keeping away strangers from the outside but magically works easily when someone goes out from the inside. These are built and designed for fire emergencies.  

4.Keypad Security Doors – these doors need high technology to operate. They use a form of digital clearance as the access method. And because it is electronic, it is more difficult to penetrate and more convenient for the owner. Opening the door will not be as easy as twisting the doorknob with a pin because the robber needs to break everything on the door in order to open which is easier said than done. It is also easy to make adjustments and/or change codes because it is digital.  

5.One-Way Security Door – these doors provide two different access points for entrance and exit. This means that people need to enter a different door and exit to another. One of the notable examples is a movie theatre where customers can leave directly to a different door.  

All of the following types of doors can help you with your business, no matter what it is. These doors allow for a more secure and protected area or building.