Reasons Why Water Damage Restoration is Important  

What most people don’t know about is that water damage has several classes. As a matter of fact, the class of water damage is extremely important when assessing repair options for water damage and you can be able to learn more about it below.  

Water Damage Restoration 

Class 1: This is the least harmful type of water damage. In this class, materials absorb only a little amount of water from the damage. In this kind of situation, water damage repair is very easy.  

Class 2: This water damage class has a much faster rate of reputation. This means that cushions and carpets might already be damaged. Furthermore, water damage repair is harder when it involves this class of damage.  

Class 3: This has the fast evaporation rate. In this situation, the water might come from broken sprinklers or any other overhead sources that are soaking the furniture and the walls. This class of water damage actually requires special water restoration as well as professional water removal procedures with the help of expert water damage restoration service providers. Lastly, this class of water damage might also affect plaster, hardwood flooring, and concrete.  

The Process of Water Damage Restoration  

The water restoration process is actually very important. With the use of the right materials and procedures that can help individuals save cherished valuables as well as prevent their residential properties from being contaminated. In addition to that, water restoration businesses special in mitigating the water’s effects, yet the success for the restoration of any water damage heavily relies on the severity of the water damage created as well as the amount of water that has caused the damage.  

The Process of Restoration  

Some water restoration companies might hire outside professionals in order to assess your commercial or residential property as well as to determine the right water restoration as well as water removal plan. Typically, these water restoration businesses utilize up to date, industry grade as well as high technology equipment and greatly documented procedures in order to control any water damages. On the other hand, the water in your basement area might only need a much shorter cleanup process. However, water in other areas of your property may require extensive remediation.  

Possible Health Dangers  

It’s very important that you hire a professional water damage restoration company as soon as possible after the occurrence of water damage. This is due to the fact that moisture can help promote the buildup of mold as well as other organisms, which increases the risk of getting more serious health problems. Furthermore, mold exposure might aggregate asthma and allergy symptoms, most especially in children as well as people that have compromised immune systems. Mold exposure can also increase one’s risk of getting respiratory diseases as well as other medical conditions.   

Thus, cleaning up water damage right away can help lessen the effects of damage to everyone in a commercial or residential space. This is the reason why it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional water damage restoration expert right away after a water damage in your home or working environment.  




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Dangers of Using Carpet Cleaning and Stain Removal Products to Your Carpet 

When you accidentally drop something on your upholstery or carpet, your instinct instantly tells you to get something and try to remove the stain as quickly as possible. Thus, because of that, the first idea that comes to your mind is to wipe it up as well as use a stain removal or cleaning product that might be inappropriate even when the packaging says that it’s an effective stain removal or carpet cleaning product. 


You certainly believe that the magic cleaner you bought from a local home improvement store or supermarket can help you save your carpet, but, the truth is that it can potentially contain something that is very harsh that can actually damage it with no any possibility of gaining back its appearance. As a matter fact, there are two major problems with these cleaning and stain removal products available in the supermarket. While we see these almost every day, the worse thing is that you’re probably fully unaware about their destructive nature. You might be saying now that they are popular brands on advertisements so they should be okay. But, experts do not agree with that because most of the time, these carpet cleaning and stain removal products can potentially lead to: 

Color Loss

Because the cleaning product has a harsh nature, it can be quite quick in fading your carpet’s vibrant color. In fact, we already know that the moment you remove color from something, it will not look the same again, unless the color can be replaced or returned. Well, this is actually impossible when it happens to your carpet and your expensive upholstery item or carpet is now being affected by permanent color loss and basically damaged. Thus, don’t make any common mistake of thinking that you have made a clean patch on the fibers of your carpet, as it could possibly be the color of your carpet vanished. 

Residues that Attract Dirt

Most of these carpet cleaning agents and stain removal products are detergent based, which is why they are usually quite foamy. Due to the fact that you’re not removing this foamy thing to your upholstery item or carpet (you can’t unless you will rinse it out using a machine), then it can simply make the area go much darker over time as the dirt and dust continuously stick on it. For instance, try to think about it for a while, imagine shampooing your hair yet not rinsing it out with water afterwards. Yes, it is exactly the same with most of the soapy and sticky nature of carpet cleaning and stain removal products available in grocery stores. 

Ruined Upholstery or Carpet

After you’ve tried to remove the stain on your carpet and been not successful with it, you might now want to consider hiring some professional and highly experienced carpet cleaning contractors in your area hoping that they can be able to sort it out. However, you have already done a major problem to your carpet and it might be really difficult to restore the appearance of your carpet anymore. This is the reason why its highly recommended that you hire a professional right away before trying any stain removal product to clean your carpet. 



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